Thursday, January 28, 2010

26/365 and 27/365

I'm down to only two picture days at a time! Woop woop! This week it has been really challenging to find interesting things to photograph because my schedule has been exactly the same all week.

1. Wake up after snoozing as long as possible.

2. Go to work.

3. Leave work right at 5:30pm so I can get home, shove something in my face and make it to Showboat rehearsal by 7pm.

4. Go home around 11pm driving 70mph in hopes of making it home in time to see my husbo before he hits the adorable hay.

5. Repeat.

I've already taken a picture of my Showboat music score and a super secret shot I snagged during rehearsal. Since this month has been "The Places We Go," I've kind of tapped out my resources. But maybe I'm just not thinking creatively enough.

For 26/365, I had just plopped down on the couch after rehearsal. Kevin was already asleep and I was going to make a couple plays on my outstanding (read: yet to be dealt with) Words With Friends games to "unwind," and this was on the coffee table in front of me. K-Ho has been playing at home more lately, and he loves his new Nord baby (full working name: Nordstrom Electroliver, III)...hence my photo:


For 27/365, I took my photo whilst I was at work, since I haven't explored that part of my life in photos yet. Plus I just got a promotion to a new position at work (what what!) and decided it was high time I organize my desk, and subsequently my life. So in the afternoon when I had a few minutes free I did it! And took a dang picture to commemorate:

"40 hours"

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