Friday, January 29, 2010


Last night I missed the daily photo deadline by 3 minutes. Graciously, my group facilitator didn't ban me from the group and let me post anyway. I got home from the opening night performance of Showboat around 11:50pm, and started immediately "taking off my face" and getting ready for bed. As I was washing my face I realized that I hadn't taken my photo for the day! I looked at the time, making sure to not get soap all over my phone, and realized it was 12:03am. NO-hooooooooooooooo!! I quickly scrambled around trying to keep the soap out of my eyes and kept darting around the room like "a crazy" (as my former Russian violin professor used to say) chanting, "What should I take a picture of?! What should I take a picture of?!" with classic poor grammar, while Kevin laughed at me.

Finally I just settled on this art on our bedroom wall and snapped a picture with my phone before I crashed into bed. Oh the places we go. To bed.


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