Monday, January 11, 2010

9/365 and 10/365, et al

So this weekend was packed full of events and occurrences worth documenting. Saturday was filled with three birthdays of very important people.

Starting off the afternoon was the first birthday of my friends Nick & Trisha's sweet baby Sophie:

Pretty adorable.

Also at Sophie's party was my friend Audrey's daughter, Alice June, displaying a pipe cleaner rendition of her family, complete with orange puppy dog:

Also adorbs.

Next was my bff J-Ro's birthday, which because I was having so much fun in the moment, I managed to not take one photograph the entire time. Because I'm a good friend.

Finally, was other dear friend Ashley's birthday, hosted at a beautiful home in Oak Cliff. Here are a few pictures to document, including my 9/365 photo:

Carli, Ashley & myself:

Birthday girl, a la raccoon:

9/365 - "duet"

Then yesterday was a day of relaxation and recuperation from all the celebrations. I watched a Law & Order SVU Marathon, had lunch with Ashley and co since Sunday was her real birthday, watched more SVU, and took my strengths finder test that my friend Stephanie got me for Christmas, thus resulting in my photo for yesterday:

10/365 - "strengths"

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