Saturday, January 02, 2010

the things we see

In addition to blogging more regularly this year, I resolve to be a part of this group my friend and her husband started. (I love my creative friends!!)

I honestly don't know that I've ever done anything consistently for a year straight. I'm getting started a day late, but I'm going to do it! And I think it will give me motivation to post my pictures here on my blog, too. As we speak I'm charging my camera!!

Here are the details of the group:

About Project365: The Things We See

Just another group of folks participating in the wildly popular Project 365. Optional themes included.

Here's the gist.
Project 365 is a creative endeavor in which participants shoot one original photograph each day for a year. Our purpose with this group is to create a collective space to share and view these photos for anyone who would like to participate. Photography skills need not be honed, nor equipment professional, the only necessity is a desire to take the picture and take part in the community.

Though the idea may be simple, life can easily intrude upon one's intention to commit to taking an original photograph each and every day, 365 days in a row. This is why we've decided to create themes for each month of 2010, to provide a general guide for our photographic pursuits. If you'd like to join in on the themes we would be most pleased, though you need not feel obligated. If you'd like to come up with your own themes or keep it freeform, that's completely up to you.

Each month will have its own theme, and within some months we may create weekly themes that fit into the theme for the overall month. (Ex: Color is the theme for the month of March, with Week 1 being monochromatic, Week 2 complementary, Week 3 your favorite color, and Week 4 black & white.)

We are also working on creating a blog for the project where participants can post photos. More on that soon...

Monthly Themes (Details on weekly themes will be posted on the blog).

January: The Places We Go (Home, work, the grocery store, etc.)
February: The Things We Love (People, possessions, hobbies, etc.)
March: The Spectrum We Perceive (This month is all about color. Apologies to the color blind.)
April: The World We Love (Enjoy the changing of the seasons and observe the natural world.)
May: The People We Meet (Friends, family, strangers, co-workers, etc.)
June: The Light We Feel (Let light be your subject. June 21 is the longest day of the year {and our anniversary}, so you'll have plenty of golden hours.)
July: The Places We Live (Its too hot to be outside in Texas. Take pictures of your domestic life.)
August: The Things We Read (Words and letters are all around us. Find typography in its natural state.)
September: The Things We Dream (Fantastical images, subconscious moods. Try to capture a feeling that may be slightly unreal.)
October: The Things We Keep (Hunt and gather. Collect.)
November: The Things We Eat (Don't wait til turkey day to think about your food.)
December: The Shapes We See (Embrace the abstract and focus on form, lines and shapes.)

Wish me luck!!


racheljenae said...

wow! First of all... i love the idea and as much as i do blog... I don't think i could do it. Well mainly cause i don't have a computer at home-which i then could blog in the evenings when i have more time to think about 'other' things. But i have enjoyed reading these thus far and look forward to this year with you ;)

becki said...

Thanks Jenae! I appreciate the moral support. :) I figure if I talk about it on my blog I'll have at least a few people I'll kind of feel accountable to! And since I'm no professional photographer, it's interesting thinking differently about the things I see every day - how I want to capture/remember moments, etc. Should be fun!

christina said...

hurrah! your pics have been great so far, i'm having a lot of fun with the project :)