Thursday, February 18, 2010

43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49

No excuses. Just the photes (sic). Last week was a complete blur of activity, so I'm really grateful for this project to help me remember all of it.

43/365 - I went into the studio to record with Jacob Metcalf, and he was getting ready to track some final vocals and guitar when I arrived.

44/365 - I went back to the studio in Fairview, TX the next day to lay down some solid gold violin tracks with my friend and fellow violinist, Petra. The studio was actually a house that had been entirely converted into a recording studio business, and it was in the most beautiful area. When I was leaving at about 3:30pm, the driveway looked gorgeous underneath the trees and with the remaining snow.

45/365 - For Valentines Day Kevin and I went out and did some preliminary house hunting to rule out/in certain neighborhoods we'd found online, then finished the night off at our favorite restaurant in Lakewood - Scalini's. I love that we have a place that's "our place."

46/365 - The 15th was the 33rd anniversary of Kevin's birth, and as part of his gift I got him a gift card to Good Records. After we went out to dinner we decided to drop by and put it to good use. I love this record shop and I hope it stays around forever.

47/365 - A friend of mine got me a special soap from her place of employment (LAFCo in Highland Park Village) for my birthday last month and I've been using what's left of my other handsoap like crazy so that it will run out and I can use my new soap! I've got a case of the crazies!

48/365 - I love the art on our walls, and I love that much of it has been made by local artists, many of whom are our friends. This little gem was a piece I got from my sweet friend Shay the female portion of bee-things.

49/365 - Some evenings after a long day at work, there's nothing nicer than picking up some sushi from Central Market for dinner. No dishes, no mess, just sweet (or would that be salty?) deliciousness.

There. Whatever.


ejakovljevic said...

wash those hands ! !!!! love that soap SO much

Rachel Gray said...

It's been almost a week, ReRe. Time to start a bloggin'.

Josh Briscoe said...

hmmm... if my calculations are correct, we are somewhere upwards of 90+ days into the new year... your next blog is going to be preeettty long my friend ;-) judgement here though, as I stopped at day 4.... woops.

-marian, not josh