Thursday, October 14, 2010


This morning it was made clear that my camera & computer are in cahoots against me to sabotage my before and after documentation. Boo for malicious cahoots! Boo I say! I uploaded the pics to my computer and at the very end of the importing process, iPhoto "unexpectedly" quit, deleting the photos from my computer AND MY CAMERA! What?! Irritating! So I've contacted iPhoto help and they're supposed to give me a call so we'll see if they can help me restore my precious photos!

In the meanwhile, here's a photo of the sweet hound we'll be dog-sitting this weekend for our BFFs. I present to you Sir Charlie Technology!


ejakovljevic said...

notice 'wagging' tail !

charles loves you guys, thanks for watching him for us

Marian said...

I lost my entire 2005 trip to new york city that way. so depressing.

victoria said...

I'm coming over. Now. *grabs coat*