Friday, September 16, 2005

Boot Attacks Cat for Profit...

Michael Katz, one of the graphic designers at my work made this. It's awesome. We all have intra-work IM (called Rendezvous) and each day we give ourselves different IM icons and IM subheadings, generally funny, but two of the art department computers aren't used specifically by anyone. One is the music comp with which we blast our ITunes uploads.....right now, Devendra Banhart is playing over the speakers, and if you haven't heard of him, I suggest you step up to the plate and check it out. He's coming to Dallas soon, you know.

Anyway, that computer is usually called the GrooveBot 3500 and it's picture is a cute cartoon robot. Well, as of yesterday, it's been renamed "Boot Attacks Cat for Profit," and it's subheading reads "something has gone awry."

The art archives computer is called "Barry Manilow," and it's subheading reads "Manilow the Incapacitator." It's been "Manilow the Destroyer," and my personal favorite, "I write the songs......well, co-write."

Oh, creatives! You slay me!

Oh, and this is a picture of the Gogol Bordello bumper sticker that I found online. They are a gypsy band from the Ukraine that describes its music as gypsy punk, and a lot of punks like them, but I wouldn't classify their music as punk, per se. When I was with The Servo (or as its called on the streets of baltimore, Deservo) we played a show with them at GYPSY (appropriately enough) Tea Room, and they are one of the best bands I've ever seen live! Just ask Julie and Rebecca, my fellow attendants. They have an awesome violinist (because europeans practice their instruments more than me) an accordian player, and three dancing Ukrainian maids! Does it get better than this!?!

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