Thursday, September 22, 2005

Nearly Famous...

A recently acquired friend of mine, Airen, painted this picture of me playing the violin....and I'm a little fuzzy on the details, as I didn't know her when she painted it. She was friends with another violinist at UTA, so she would go to the concerts and what not, and I think she may have either taken a picture or had a picture at her disposal, I'm not sure.

Anyway, she wrote me an email to let me know "my" status.

Currently, I'm hanging in the Panther City Coffee House Gallery in Ft. Worth, and apparently the gallery director told Airen that some guy in New York (hopefully, said guy is Julie Whitaker) wants to buy me for a large sum of money. Whoa!

Who'd have thought that I might be moving to NY with Julie sooner than I thought! :)


jessicacea said...

that place is right by our house. across the street from the aardvark. i will go visit you before you leave.

JULIE said...

said guy is me...surprise, i'm a guy! and i bought you!

start packing!

becki said...

ha ha! I tried to send a reply email to Jessica saying that I was going to ask her where this Coffee place was, but then I got a reply email from MailerDaemon saying that delivery status permanently failed to "" I thought it was cute that jessica is an anonymous-commenter.

Ha, it just did the same thing with Julie, except Julie is