Tuesday, September 13, 2005

friends and I3rother...

I think I'll write a new blog here again, now that I've copied and pasted my blogs from myspace so this weblog site isn't as daunting as the blank one I faced yesterday.

This last weekend was awesome! Radiant had a show on Saturday at the club of curtains at around 12:30ish, so before that, Liz and Amber and I went to go see my friend Richard play his acoustic set at 8:30 at the coffee shop side of the Door. Man, I don't remember the last time I went there. Richard is going to Fuller Theological seminary in Pasadena and he loves Jesus, but don't get the wrong idea. He also drinks beer (with and sans me) and cusses, so he's cool. *buffing fingernails on left shoulder of shirt* He was playing using his band's monaker "books died on." It's a farhenheit (which I learned to spell correctly thanks to my journalism class and some help from the associated press *blink*) 451 reference for you literary buffs. *incidentally.....I apparently did not learn to spell monaker (sic) correctly*

It was basically just him, an acoustic guitar and his ipod of ceaselessly enchanting beats, and it was a great act, not to mention the free buttons and cds I scored post-show. Oh, and let me not forget to 'member to tell you that he did good, especially after having to follow a seasoned act like "aggregate demand," a group which, after hearing a few tasty riffs, prompted Liz to lean over and say to me....."Two words: home - - school."

After this show, we made our way over to Snuffer's for some cheese fries that can only be described as "delish." Then we headed over to the aforementioned club to await the glory that was radiant's set. Here we met up with Richard's friend and my then aquaintance "Winston/Reed," or I3rother \Vinston, as I believe he prefers to be referred to in type. Quite a funny chap, if I do say so myself, and the four of us (Amber, Richard, Winston/Reed and myself and intermittently, some others) made quite an event of the evening. I don't remember the last time I've laughed so consistently. To give you an "organized by short phrases" summary, we accomplished the following:

interpretive dance
unrequited "love"
teaching of straw technique
general symmetry
synchronized dance, and
moderate beer drinking

I'd say it was a fantastic success. Plus, we're all really hot.

*and scene*

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