Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This just sin...............city?

Geez-o-peets! I finally went and saw Sin City last night with some friends, and holy crap, I LOVED IT!! I've decided that anything with Quentin Tarantino or Bruce Willis involved (except, of course, the movies of theirs I have yet to see and therefore cannot yet judge with any credibility) is Becki approved.


1) Brittany Murphy was born in the wrong decade and completely owns her role in this film..... (see: "You damn fool.")
2) I will never stop thinking that Bruce Willis is attractive.
3) Negative space scenes = really cool.
4) Quotable movies are so......quotable?
-"...and I've been killin' my way to the truth ever since"
-"I'm Shelly's new boyfriend and I'm outta my mind."
-"I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people."

Idiomatic language at it's finest!! Modern day America I beseech thee.....be funnier!! Less violent... *wagging finger reprimandingly*...but funnier.

I love leaving the theater wound up. The movie is shockingly violent, *wince* but if you can suck it up and get past that, I definitely recommend it.

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