Monday, September 12, 2005


I thought I'd go ahead and include this post from myspace last December *sheesh!* that illustrates the desire I had that has now come to fruition through the creation of this very blog. Here it is, what what:

"my best friend and what to do with my life : the scrambled ramblings of an almost graduate" - Dec 2004

As I approach my degree holding status with mixed emotions, the infamous "what are you going to do when you graduate, becko?" question creeps into conversations more frequently with every passing casual encounter. *GOOD friends know not to ask this AND more importantly...not to call me becko*

Answer - I don't know. Would it be abrasive, per se, to prepare any such inquirer for the possibility that they may not get a seasons greetings card from me this year or any year following should the conversation go any further? I mean what is "abrasive," anyway? One man's abrasive is another's joie du vie (sp), no?

I think that if I had to choose an ideal profession - one, mind you, I may never bring to fruition, but would nevertheless be freaking fantastic to writing. I've always loved to write. I've tried my hand at songwriting, "flo"etry, short stories, et al, but I think I would be most on top of my game if I had a regular column somewhere. Ambiguous? certainly.

Julie "harlem shake" Whitaker *enter best friend reference* has a website (see: web address listed post-blog) that I don't keep up with regularly enough, but it's really cool. She's really cool, too, incidentally, so that works out well for the content of her website. I bring all of this up because as I was perusing her site this afternoon, it reignited my desire to write. -she writes on the website, see-
It made me want to create my own website and write on it....good practice. I think over the break I'll see if she has 10 minutes she can spare to teach me all the ins and outs of creating/maintaining a website. *naivete reigns!* If I can keep up an interesting commentary on a website pretty regularly then maybe that will either confirm or deny my current plan. I guess I could start doing that on myspace since its not costing me any money, but where's the fun in that? I want a website where someone has to know my address to read it, and will, after reading it once -perhaps twice- save it to their favorites page, where they will visit and revisit daily because they simply must see what ridiculously cleva thoughts and observations I've managed to come up with this time! It'll be glorious! GLORIOUS!!

Anyhoot, we'll see. When I get my column we'll all see, won't we....? *squinting* They don't call me Becki "lofty aspirations" Phares, for nothing. No, sir.

Here's Julie's website if you want to become a fan.

look around, but remember....she's MY best friend. *fin*

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