Tuesday, November 01, 2005

all hallow's eve...

It's been TWE12E days since my last post. Alack and alas, what e'er have I done!?! I'll never disappoint my millions and millions of readers (see: millions and millions = 2, one of which is me, the other of which is my dad, provided I call and remind him that my blog is more than just that one entry I told him to read last month) again!

There's been some sad news, but I don't want to blog about that just yet, so instead I'll recount, via pictures and hilarious anecdotes, my experience at a halloween party friday last. First let me list who donned what costume:

me - Paris Hilton (and tinkerbell), who else?
Zach - a urinal
Liz - UPS delivery guy
Candiss - vampiress
Levi - mummy
Daniel - Mick Jagger
Julie - Audrey Hepburn (perfect!)
Justin - Uncle Rico
Stephanie - wood nymph
Jennifer/Rachel - gypsies
Ryan E. - Tommy Lee
Heather - Pamela Anderson
Leah - FedEx delivery guy (a war betwixt delivery services reigned!)
Eric - Big bad wolf
Mandy - little red riding hood
Josh - sports fan
Marian - tv playing sports
Courtney - girl in bath towel
Nathan - bubble bath
Jesse - underwear model (he changed underwear - NOT manties, thank goodness - periodically through the night)
Amber - Marge Simpson
Erin - candy corn
Sean - beer keg
Dragan - plug
Elissa - socket
Nicole - mad hatter
Jon - someone else from Alice in Wonderland?

The girl who one the costume contest made her own Bjork costume that was super awesome tuff! I don't know her though, and I don't even know her name, but I think you'll agree that this picture speaks a thousand words..........or maybe just two or three.

I don't know. I got nothing. Happy Halloween. whatever.

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