Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fa la la la la, la la...la...la

Over the past... *counting*... 8 years or so, I've gotten into a habit of concluding emails with my first name, my last name, and betwixt the two, some (hopefully) clever moniker that represents my general lightheartedness. Right. For example:
Becki "two toes" Phares

p.s. I have more than two toes.
That's an old favorite. Well here on my blog for MILLIONS (I counted) to see, I've decided to compile a list of holiday signatures I can use that amuse me, and - if all is right with the world - my recipients. Now keep in mind, I've given no prior thought to what these might be, so if the list is short or bad, I think we'll all just need to calm down. *peering knowingly over bifocals*

Beck "the Halls" Phares
Beck "nuts roasting on an open" Phares
Rebecca "have yourself a Pharey little Christmas" P-hares
Oh little town of ReBethelehem
Rebecki "oh come all ye" Pharesful
Becki "Christmas is on December 25th" Phares
Reba "I'll silent YOUR night" Phares
Becki "demons outside, good luck inside!" Phares <--- Japanese saying I found online! Yoink!
Becki "all the world should be taxed" Phares
Rebecca "would be born a virgin" Phares
Becki "swaddling clothes" Phares

And, I'm spent. Any suggestions are welcome. Happy almost December.



bosley said...

oh two toes...
i miss you.
i'm going to email you right now!

Daniel said...

Hey Becki,

This is Daniel. I like Rebecca "have yourself a Pharey little Christmas" P-hares and Rebecki "oh come all ye" Pharesful.