Tuesday, November 08, 2005

for I been told...

I'm at work by myself. Oh the beauty of having to stay here whilst everyone goes to lunch. Woot woot! I actually kind of like being the only one here. I can turn my minimally loud music (thanks mini Mac "speakers!") to an almost audible volume! When the phone isn't ringing and I'm not trying to figure out how to do something I've never done before, I enjoy the office when it's quiet. I guess I enjoy it when it's not, too, but it's pretty peaceful in here right now.

The front of our building is made almost entirely of glass, and we have these see through but not shades that can roll down or up at our fancy, and right now they're all down, save our doors, which are and will ever remain.....shadeless. Anyhoot, the effect is quite pleasing, and it feels/looks really warm in here.

I'm listening to Bosque Brown right now, and it makes me want to join a folkish, countryish, 40s-ish band and play violin for them. It reminds me of this song, "Broke & Alone" that Paul Minter and Ryan Sprinkle and I recorded for this film my friend Jason Baguio made. Any excuse to play double stops -- To produce two tones simultaneously on (a stringed instrument) by stopping two strings with one hand while bowing them with the other. -- is reason enough for me. I love 'em!

I once wrote a "lick/riff/hot beat" on the violin that is filled with double stops and was inspired by listening to "the ludlows" on the Legends of the Fall soundtrack. I love playing it. I love listening to really good string players play really good pieces. Maybe one day I'll make it into more than just a "lick/riff/hot beat."


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