Friday, December 09, 2005

call whating?

Breaking news:

I'm not technologically gifted. Now the title of this post implies a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I'm just not so keen on things that, in order for me to fully access and enjoy them, I must peruse a manual of some kind. At home, I have two things that have become victim to my "I don't I'll just wait until someone is here in my room that does know" attitude. Actually, three things. For my recent graduation in August, I got the following:

iPod (I think it's of the photo persuasion)
digital camera (7.1 pixels, suckas!)
photo printer.

Now of these three things, I've managed to recently activate my warranty on my iPod, and use my digital camera in NY. However.....I don't know (haven't looked to see) how to upload my pictures onto a computer, so now that it's full, I'm stuck. And I don't have the iBook I'm saving up for yet, so I don't want to use a PC to download music onto my ipod, as I've heard that causes problems. The fact that I haven't used my iPod yet probably surprises me more than anyone, because I love me some Muzak.....and music.

For instance, *adjusting wire rimmed spectacles* did you know that singing without instruments is called a cappella because when the Sistine Chapel was first built, the acoustics were so fantastic that they could sing without instruments and it sounded a) gorgeous and 2) awesome. So when other people sang with no instruments elsewhere, they were doing so like it was done a cappella sistina (at the Sistine Chapel). See? I do remember stuff from Music History. (Thank you Linton Powell.)

Right, so.......that's all I got. J-Ro, help!


jro said...

bring all those things over. and angels in america - and help will be granted ...

Daniel said...

Hey Becki,

It’s me again. You said you are saving for an iBook, which is a good choice, but you might want to wait till January and see if they come out with the new iBooks, which will be running on Intel. They will be cheaper, faster, and have a lot better battery life. They are saying that the entry-level iBook might even be as low as $200 to $300 dollars.

Daniel Tate
The Geekologist

becki said...

Excellent!! Thanks, foo!