Thursday, December 08, 2005


I absolutely HATE it when I'm stamping an invoice (sounds almost as exciting as it is) and I forget to change the date to today's date. GAH! I mean, I guess hate is a strong word, and I truly don't HATE much, but I really really really get ticked off at myself when this happens.

This got me thinking. What other things really chap my hide (did you know that hide also means to beat severely; to flog? yoink!)? Usually they are silly, menial things that I do, i.e. playing puzzle on SNOOD and losing on a level that's usually no big deal to pass. Overconfidence is death, children.

What do you hate that you do?

p.s. It's really freaking cold today. Texas, you so crazy!


Daniel said...

Cold? It's only 28 degrees out.

becki said...

When I wrote this it was 14ยบ, smarty pants :)