Thursday, December 15, 2005


Oh my gosh!!! I listen to the Kidd Kraddick in the morning show religiously, and I hear them play 1 Minute From the Beach, 60 Seconds From the Strip, etc, but I've never been able to get through, and/or was too nervous to call!

Let me briefly explain how you play these games, even though I KNOW all of you are devout morning show listeners and you all already know. *peering knowingly over bifocals* You get 60 seconds to identify 3 celebrity voices and you have 5 clues total, with a maximum of 3 clues per person, the first of which is, as Kidd likes to call it, "the dreaded occupational clue."

Okay, so anyway, I'm listening this morning, and I hear them start playing with some woman, and she gets the first one wrong. She thinks that it's Mario, latino pop star extraordinaire, when I know that it's clearly Frankie J, the other latino pop star extraordinaire. I'm not even totally sure how I knew that, but I did. So he says they're going to take caller 13 (ALWAYS a prime numba, what what!) and play again so I decide whimsically to call in, knowing that, per usual, I won't get through. Also, I usually won't call in unless I've heard two of the correct answers, so it took some cojones, but I dialed nonetheless.


I get through to who I can only assume is Dianthe. Yesss.....

"Am I caller 13?" I ask nervously.

She avoids my question.

"What's your name and where are you calling from?" she went on.

So I told her, and she said to turn off my radio and not to mention KISS FM because they're syndicated and have different names in different cities. Then I held for about 10 minutes, while I frantically - or as frantically as I could given the traffic - tried to get to work so I could be parked if he picked me to play. As it turns out, I didn't make it to work, so I just had to pull over at a Shell (product placement) Station.

So they play the first clip and the timer starts.

"FRANKIE J!" I shout.

"That's right!" Kidd says. "That was a hard one. Here's the next clip."

"Clue!" I shout.

"Actor." Kidd says.

"Clue!" I shout.


"ROBERT DOWNEY JR!" I shout again.

"No, ha ha, that's not it."

"CLUE!" I shout again.


"Ooh! Colin Farrell!" I, yet again, shout.

"That's right! Here's the last clip."

"Clue!" me.


"CLUE!" shout.


"Oh, oh........oh, HILARY DUFF!!"

"That's right!! You're going to Lake Tahoe!" Kidd said.

"Yesss." I said. Now, I really wanted to scream and get crazy excited, but I was too nervous to even say anything. When they asked me who I was going to take, I said, "My friend Amber because were one two singles friends group."

What? Exactly....Geez, my one opportunity to impress the morning show cast and convince them to take me on as Rich's replacement, and I blurt out and unintelligible "sentence." *sigh* Another day......another free trip.

Here's a picture of a Tahoe outdoor spa I found on Google images:

And here's a picture I took with my mind of what I think Tahoe will look like:


p.s. thanks to Jessawill, J-Ro, Jad, Julie's sister Kim, Julie in spirit and Julie's mom for hearing me on the radio and contacting either me or Julie to let us know you heard!!


Anonymous said...

well, that's pretty awesome.
you'll be able to say more unintelligible sentences while drunk in the hot tub in tahoe

- Icon

becki said...

I don't know who you are...."icon," but I won't be getting drunk in ANY hot tub!

*runs away*