Thursday, January 12, 2006

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My first apartment roommate in college, Jill "tickle the ivories" Michaelree, posted this once in a blog, and I thought it was HILARIOUS, so I thought I'd share... (SLIGHTLY edited version for tha kiddies)

Not so much Air... Supplied
So I love Portland's public library because you can get anything: Queer as folk on DVD, the entire David Bowie collection on CD, Murder She Wrote, herpes... anything under the Portland sun (or recently lack of said sun). Anywhotles, so all you do is go to their website from the comfort of your own home and use your library card number to reserve anything you can dream of, except maybe hookers (see: one that hooks), but those can be found on the Burnside bridge with comparable ease. After you place a hold, wait a week or a month until your stuff gets in and BLAMO! Free entertainment! Thank you Taxes! So a few weeks ago I was surfing for Air albums, like a good little elitist almost 24-year-old, and found one that I thought was called "Supply."

"Hazaah!" I cried. "Something new to smooch to!"

Well friends, two weeks later I indeed DID get something to smooch to... if I were smooching in 1983. Nope, not some archived middle school version of our favorite Frenchy ambient band... singing in their fem voice about the trials of acne and the girl they sit behind in Math's red locks...

Its freaking Air SUPPLY, favorite band of single moms in the midwest (or de' Bridget Jones vol. 1). So I put in said CD (ends up being "greatest hits") and try to make it with my man.


(insinuates looking back and forth with disbelieving eyes and shrugged shoulders)


Nothing kills labido like "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you..." And it doesn't get better from there. EVERY song was about lost love and missed chances and the hope of a better tomorrow. I felt like I was stuck in a Gweneth Patrow romantic comedy only Brian and I are only average looking and are neither hopeless romantics. We just wanted some love.

Ridiculous. Bloody Bloody ridiculous.

Oh, Jillian, how I miss thee!! She's gettin married this year (as can be seen at the bottom of the blog I just linked to) and I'm a'comin'! What's the date again, Jill? Do you even still read this? *crossing fingahs*

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