Tuesday, January 10, 2006

mystery number not so mysterious

Oh my gosh. So yesterday this freaking mystery number called me AGAIN (much to my "surprise") and I decided not to be a wuss and face this call once and for all! That's right, I decided to call the number and sit silently and wait for the person on the other end to say something. Passive aggressive? NAY! I say sleuth-like! *pumping fist in air*

Anyway, I was greeted by counter-silence, then the click of my deepest, darkest fear......disconnection. Frustrated, I did nothing else. Then at approximately 5:45, the number called again. This time I answered and actually extended a greeting......a firm, but salutory (see: word of the week, var. 1) greeting. Again, the click came. GAH! I called back this time, and found myself ear to recording with the after hours greeting of the NPR 90.1 FM office.


Now it's all clear to me. It's January, and almost exactly one year ago, I decided to be a good person and finally not ignore the oct-annual pledge drive on my morning drive to work. I called in, pledged to the station, and got two free tickets to the live recording of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" at SMU's McFarland Auditorium, which one JulesDWit attended with me. -Julie! Remember the two older ladies in front of us that are going to be us one day? Remember how you were the one with the hair extentions in the form of a ponytail that kept grazing your knee as she would get tickled more and more with each passing quip by Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell! - -Julie! Remember also how I locked my keys in my car that night WHILST it was RUNNING and you waited with me until that creepy guy from AAA came and tried to get me to sit in his car with him then YOUR car died because we sat in it with the light on waiting for the creepy guy to come, and the uptown guys with the vintage Beetle helped us start it?! -

Anyway, breaking news:

Dear NPR,

I love you. I love your diverse, entertaining, and informative programming. However, when you call my phone 6-7 times a day, it makes me hate you. Well, maybe hate is a strong word, but the love is definitely dwindling with each subsequent, unidentified call. When you call again, which you inevitably will, I will have to tell you how I feel in a way that only Tenacious D has captured with an eloquence I'm as yet incapable of displaying. "Listen, dooon't tell me what I want. I'll tell yoooou...what I want."

A Now Hesitant Pledgist

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jro said...

i am going on my fouth year as a KERA member, thank you easy checks plan (it really is easy), and i have never recieved a weird phone call. but i also still have not received my 2005 member card ...

to be fair i moved twice and i don't think i sent them a change of address form.