Tuesday, January 17, 2006

tangled up in....food?

For the most part, my newly "getting long" hair has been only a positive experience. I haven't had long hair in quite a while.....about five years or so I think. It definitely takes some getting used to. Although I must say, I have a nice little built in heater/cold protector for my neck in these blustery winter months.....oh wait. No, it's January and still in the 70s. Interesting. Well, when I turn my fan on high in my room and stand right under it....then it provides a nice little built in heater/cold protector for my neck. Yes.

One thing I had forgotten about having long hair is the inevitable tangles that ensue. It's ridiculous, really, but I haven't had tangles in half a decade. To top it all freaking off, today whilst I was trying to multi-task, (one of those tasks being to down a small tub of applesauce because I'm a little bitty baby who eats applesauce) I flicked a spoonful of applesauce into my hair and on my neck. Attractive? To say the least. Then what I couldn't get out with the papertowels we have at work, it dried and became QUITE tangled. Upon trying to release these tangles, I did manage to relieve my head of a few extra hairs it clearly did not need.

Oh, man. How much longer can I grow?

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Daniel said...

Hey Becki!! Happy birthday. *sings* This is your birthday song. It isn't very long!" See you at youth tonight.