Thursday, January 19, 2006

lilacs drink a lot of water

Oh man. I have such great friends. Yesterday, January 18, 2006, marked the 24th anniversary of my birth. Oh, birth, I owe my life to thee. Er....kind of. Anyway, I awoke yesterday to the vibratous (go with it) sound of my sister calling me from my phone's little charger cradle across the room. She was technically the first to CALL me on my birthday, though I was talking to "someone" before my birthday and the conversation extended into my birthday, and said "someone" extended a congratulatory phrase that was right pleasing to me. :) Right, sorry.

Then I went out of my bedroom to start my day, and I was greeted with this!!

Then I opened up my bathroom to start getting ready and I was greeted with this!!!

Then this!!!!

Thanks Candiss (and to Marian and Levi for blowing up some balloons - nice work)!!!!! What better way to start the day. Then the phone calls and emails and texts I got were awesome! My dad wrote me a little poem and my mom had flowers sent to my work, and Elissa brought lilacs (and the title of this post......boy is it true! gah!) to me at work. It was a great day all around and I felt extremely loved and appreciated. Oh, then! Then at youth group they got cherry pie and brownies to celebrate my birthday as well as Josh's. Woohoo for youth group!

I definitely feel a lot older though. I woke up and my hip broke, then I noticed that the luggage I've been carrying around under my eyes had gotten a little heavier. I guess it really is only downhill from here.


Daniel said...

Mmmmm... Krispy Kreme. Take to work and share? Hahahahahahahahah... that's funny.

JULIE said...