Wednesday, January 25, 2006

that quite reminds me of my lord Jesus

*gingerly placing Cat Stevens on the turn table and carefully dropping the needle in the correct groove* "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody..." Wait a second! Just wait right there, Cat.....or should I say "Steven Demetre Georgiou" or "Yusuf Islam." It was a Saturday night and I DID have somebodies! (incidentally Elissa, tell Dragan that "Cat's" first concert as Yusuf Islam after 20 years of stepping away from the music industry was in Sarajevo to celebrate Bosnian culture. - Thanks Google!)

a little bit of girls:

a lot bit of jesse:

a little bit of....*eyes darting side to side*...."the dance":

a little bit of boys:

a little bit of marian and

a little bit more of girls:

and a lot bit of the group:

3:57 pm and all's well.


Anonymous said...

hey BECKI!
so great to see you last weekend. wish we could have been at the party! heard you were dancin' the night away...with somebodies eyes on YOu, HOH... :) always great to see you! keep dancin'...jessica

Daniel said...

Hey it's me. I just noticed you were reading A Million Little Pieces. and wondering if you had heard the lowdown on it. It was recently discoverd that book was all made up. I was just letting you know. Hope I didn't ruin the book for you.