Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Julie tagged me. I'm it. I love being it.

Four Jobs I've Had

1 Blockbuster Video - WOW! What a difference. (that's for those of you born pre-Gulf War)
2 Landmark's Inwood Theater - smelled like vinegar water, popcorn, smoke and hot dogs, but I got to wear a cool tie!
3 MBNA - somehow I can't remember the last 4.5 years of my life...almost as if they had been sucked right out of me...hmm
4 TractorBeam - not about tractors.

Four Movies I Would Watch On Repeat

1 Amelie - sorry Julie, I don't mean to copy you, but it's true
2 Waiting for Guffman - working, pushing, never stopping, never sleeping!
3 Searching for Bobby Long - Scarlett Jovolta...who could go wrong?
4 All the Real Girls - what's he gonna say about you, land dog?...nuff said.

Four TV Shows I Love

1 The Office - I just recently started watching the American version, and whilst BBC is definitely better, it's quite amusing!
2 Six Feet Under - oh Claire and Nate and Ruth and David and Rico and Arthur....you slay me!
3 Sex and the City
4 Grey's Anatomy

Four Websites I Visit Daily
I don't visit websites other than blogs too terribly much, so this will include blogs AND sites.....maybe

1 Julie
2 dooce
3 lonely island
4 iThings
man, I need to find some new websites - minus Julie, of course, but the other ones are sooo 2005

Four Foods I Lust For

1 Snuffer's Cheese Fries
2 Sushi from Asian Mint and/or sushi from Reikyu in Mockingbird Station
3 Five Cheese Baked Ziti from Olive Garden
4 Steak and/or beef in general (w/cheese if it's in hamburger form)

Four Beers I Like
Negra Modelo (look, Julie and I are best friends and sometimes we like the same things, okay?)
Red Stripe
Black Velvet - ace pear cider with guiness on top!

Four Tags

jerome - this will give you incentive to start blogging again, Jerkface....er....great friend of mine!
eric - WINK!
rian - enjoy!
kevin - that's right. So it begins.


Daniel said...

You mentioned the movie Amelie. I only know of that movie because I listen to The Delta Park Project podcast and they play the Amelie Game on there show. I don't know if you remember it from the movie or not. You say 5 likes and 5 dislikes. Anyway, that's the only movie on your list that I have heard of.

becki said...

I LOVE Amelie! That's funny, because at the beginning of the movie as they're introducing all the characters, the narrator describes what each character likes and dislikes. Ha ha! It's a French film that was in theaters when I worked at the Inwood Theater in Dallas.

Daniel said...

Oh yeah... The Office rocks!!! I have only seen the American version, because I don't have cable. My favorite TV shows are probably Lost, 24, The Office, and Malcolm In The Middle.