Thursday, January 12, 2006


Two of the qualities I find to be most admirable in people (and have defined according to Merriam-Webster below) are as follows:

wisdom - 1 a : accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : KNOWLEDGE
b : ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : INSIGHT
c : good sense : JUDGMENT
d : generally accepted belief


prudence - 1 : the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason
2 : sagacity or shrewdness in the management of affairs
3 : skill and good judgment in the use of resources
4 : caution or circumspection as to danger or risk

I have recently become involved as a youth group leader at my church, and last night we focused on Proverbs 8:1-5 with the kids, which talked about both of these characteristics. We also talked about how wisdom and knowledge aren't synonyms. It's pretty cool, because I think that I had previously underestimated their capacity for understanding, but they're really doing great. (hear that, Tate face? - you're doing great!! give me a cookie....seriously) Anyway, this is the passage:

Does not wisdom cry out,
And understanding lift up her voice?
She takes her stand on the top of the high hill,
Beside the way, where the paths meet.
She cries out by the gates, at the entry of the city,
At the entrance of the doors:
"To you, O men, I call,
And my voice is to the sons of men.
O you simple ones, understand prudence,
And you fools, be of an understanding heart.

Proverbs is pretty cool because since Solomon couldn't give instructions on how to be wise and prudent in every possible situation that will ever arise EVER, he just shows what they could LOOK like, and we get to apply them to all our crazy, wisdom requiring situations.

Like for example, when Julie buys turtles on the street, I can use prudence by refraining from saying that I hate turtles with everything in me and that every time I see one in person, I try to eat it as fast as I can. See? I'm being cautious because I know that due to her growing love for turtles daily, her little turtle shaped heart would be crushed! (JUST KIDDING JULIE! I love little Jane and Michael Banks already and I've never even met them! Just seen digital representations of them on your website. And I would NEVER EVER try to eat them.....while you were looking.)

If I had turtles, I would name them Wisdom and Prudence, and I would always write letters to Prudence. They would start a little something like this:

Dear Prudence,

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