Thursday, April 27, 2006

set love free

I'm back from my long anticipated trip to Lake Tahoe!! I'm going to give you a visual storytelling recount of my trip, with a few words here and there to help out. These are just my pictures, so since Amber has all of the ones where I fell down (she had the luxury of taking pictures of me in humorous positions as she wasn't the one falling. (except that one time...) As soon as I get those pictures from her, I'll post my misfortune for you all to see.

This is going to take up a lot of room, so get ready to get your scroll on!

I'll spare you the "at the airport" pictures, because I'd prefer to have no memory of any of the SIX planes we had to ride to get to Reno/Tahoe and back. I'm going to try to get these pictures in order, but we'll see.

Amber, my cousin Katie (henceforth referred to as Katie), and my Aunt Monie (henceforth - Monie) in the kitchen at their lake house in Tahoe:

Katie & Monie at the Donner Party Museum:

This is a picture of a picture of a lighthouse in French. Phares means lighthouse in French. *nodding enthusiastically*:

This is Katie & Ambie & I preparing for the long winter months ahead at a shop in world famous Truckee. Where? Exactly:

Ever get tired of putting on your ENTIRE cowboy boot? Well, now you don't have to! (see: far right):

Watching the Mavs game Sunday evening ere we head over to the resort:

Our lodging thanks to Kiss FM:

Inside our room - Amber reading map and planning next day's trek:

Outside our window, ski-morning 1:

Outside our window, ski-morning 2:

Getting ready before skiing:

Amber defying gravity per usual:

Ski-maester (me):

My first successful turn on skis without falling down! (look closely):

A couple of nice older ladies took our picture right before they were about to tear it up on the blues, and we, the greens:

Making the most of our time on the gondola back up to get the stuff we left in our locker, after already having forgotten it and gone back to the hotel room, SHEESH!:

Probably the most unattractive picture of me that's ever been taken:

Sitting on a huge pile of snow that accumulated outside the breezway at our hotel:

My favorite picture from the whole trip. I call it "You let me change lanes, while I was driving in my car":

On the way to the airport where we would naturally get on 3 planes, taking us 8.5 hours to get home when it should have only taken 2.5-3. Look how happy I am about it!:

And finally, our boys picking us up from the airport.......right "on time" *WINK*:

What a trip. Sweet sweet what.


Daniel said...

Cool. We will have to get Dave to take us skiing sometime. Looks like fun, except the falling and getting bruised part. Ouch!

r_is_moody said...

Becki, I'm glad you had a great time!! I agree that is the worst picture ever taken of you!!!!

victory said...

Becki, you're crazy (Crazy as in funny.) I was laughing out loud. (I'm sure my sister is wondering what the heck I'm doing...Nah, she's probably used to my weirdness by now.) Aaaanywhoo... sounds like fun. (I wanna go skiing! *cries*)You lucky duck! (I don't beleive in luck, but whatever...)