Friday, April 21, 2006


Today is the day I go on my long awaited ski trip! I could definitely use a break.

I would like to thank Southwest Airlines for not flying directly to Tahoe, making us stop THREE times, and turning what should be a 3 hour trip into 9 hours. Sincerely. Thank you.

I actually don't care so much about that. I'll have Amber, books and NY Times crossword puzzles, so I'm cool. I probably won't have internet access, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't get online, save to email one or two choice Kpeople (sic), so I'll expect you "all" (see: both) to continue commenting faithfully whilst I'm dominating the diamond black slopes on my first time to ski EVER in my life.

Wish me luck and bones intact when I return. Holla. (Haw-luh)


jro said...

oh southwest flies wherever you want. but lovefield is not allowed. write your state congress person.

set love free.

Daniel said...

Have fun!!! What do you mean by "see:both". Do you really think that even two people actually read your blog?

P.S. Kidding. The above comment disproves what I said. He he he.

Jenni said...

Yep, as jro said, thank the Wright Ammendment for your Southwest issues. That's why Southwest is thinking about moving its headquarters somewhere else. You could always drive to Ausitn and fly direct from here. I've known some people do that for Vegas.