Tuesday, September 05, 2006

southern decadence

I friend of mine posted this on her blog this morning, and I just had to repost. She was in New Orleans, and during her visit, the Southern Decadence parade occurred.

A male attending the parade was overheard one table over by my friend, saying the following, and I quote:

“'I am pretty sure that I advertised to her that I do not like wind chimes and I do not like Thomas Kinkade; however she continues to give me wind chimes and Thomas Kinkade. In fact, I think one time she gave me a Thomas Kinkade wind chime!'

One minute later the 3 men stand up and walk out: man 1 in a leather bondage top, man 2 with backless shorts, and man 3 in gray boxer/briefs—and gray boxer/briefs alone."

Oh, Danibeth, you slay me.

*I share this man's sentiments about Thomas Kinkade, incidentally. :)


Jenni said...

OMG... I had written the most awesome comment of my life, and then it deleted it because I am blogger beta, and I guess you are still blogger alpha.

I mean this was "You slay me with your writing, Jenni" material.


kerri said...

"give it up for thomas kinkade!" was my myspace slogan for awhile.

ya gotta respect the guy... goin out, doin his gazeebo calender thing, gettin recognied.. ya know?