Wednesday, September 13, 2006

student driver

On my way to work today, I passed a semi (granted, it was a smaller semi, but a semi nonetheless) and on the back of the truck a sign was hung that read:


Now how cute is that! Semi truck drivers are students, too! One of the things I think is cuter than a lot of other things is the idea of adults "learning." I know that might sound condescending, but I don't mean it that way at all! I just picture an adult in a small desk with a small calculator.......learning things. Even if what they're learning is truck driving. I still see the small calculator.

Seeing this little tiny student truck driver (he was probably mid-forties, 200 lbs) driving along and learning reminded me that J-Ro and I once talked about "trucking" for 6 months or so once we graduated college. We were really talking about it pretty seriously.......well, as seriously as one can think about it when one does no actual research.......until we both realized we were graduating a semester apart, and our dreams fizzled out.

It's probably for the best, because through my life-draining job as one of satan's soldiers (read: telemarketing, or "teleservices" as we were programmed to say), I happened upon a truck driver who had a credit card with the bank I worked for, and I started asking him about the details of truck driving, etc. Turns out, there were a few things we hadn't factored in. For example, you have to have a truck. We did NOT plan for such an investment. Second, you have to have a trucking license.

And to think.........that could have been me I was passing on the highway.

Here's Jessica and I as non-truck drivers.

*see, Annie! I'm using the stuff you gave me!! :)


Annie said...

Not all trucking companies make you own your own truck. Alas! You can still make your dream a reality! Although, there is the issue of being a skinny little girl (meant in the complimenting way) and not being able to lift refrigerators and stuff. Darn..

becki said...

ha ha! true, true. I can "learn" how to lift a refrigerator though!!