Wednesday, December 27, 2006

filmographie (sic)

Well, the Break of Christmas Past is...well, past. I had a really great Christmas for the most part. Lots of local driving (250 miles in one day.....that might be a record for not leaving the metroplex), but it was worth all the stops.

Anyhoot, whenever I think of "Christmas Break," I think of watching movies. In the theater. During the daylight hours. I guess because I can't usually do that when I'm working. I didn't actually do that during this break, so I feel like I'm kind of missing out.

Here are the movies I have great interest in seeing:
The Pursuit of Happiness
Dream Girls
The Good Shepherd
The Nativity Story
Stranger Than Fiction
The Good German
The Queen

Here are the movies I have no interest in seeing, unless a really good friend wants me to go....then I'd think about it....maybe:
Casino Royale...well, maybe I want to see it...
Night at the Museum....really Ben? Really?

And now, I'm done with this post.

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Daniel said...

Actually, we went to see Night At The Museum and it wasn't that bad. It had it's really funny moments. Sure it wasn't a film masterpiece or anything, but it was pretty entertaining. Also, I was really interested in Stranger Than Fiction, but people I talked to said it wasn't as good as they expected. I will probably still end up seeing it though. By the way, we also saw Happy Feet. I thought it was boring, it wasn't worth all the buzz out there for it.