Wednesday, December 20, 2006

recognition at last....

Thank you to one Josh Moody, for bringing the recognition of my prestige to "light," no pun intended, as you'll soon see.

Here it is, in all it's glorious glory. The second line of the second paragraph is of great import.

This is the competition the architect designer won. Check out the awesome pictures!

Here are two cool ones:

All hail France! (or at least this designer for his impeccable choice of building name)

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Kristin Greenlee said...


So, I was catching up on Barbara's Blog (ScapeNY) and I saw your post.. crazy!!! How are you?! Love the sweet pictures of you and your beau. Keep in touch and check out my blog and site if you get the second. I have to say you two are just the kind of couple I would love to photograph!
Krissi (only go by that name with the kids from the hood!)