Monday, December 04, 2006

an ollie on my deck

At my work we're (and by "we're" I mean my boss and one of our designers) working on designing a skate park here in Dallas, and it's a pretty exciting project. This morning at our status meeting, Boss was telling us about the design rendering that we're getting a cost estimate for and it's really awesome!! I'm not sure if I should post a picture of it on here because I don't want other people trying to get all up in our grill, what what.

Anyway, we were talking about a pre-fab building where we could put restrooms and benches to sit down, and Boss said that Taco (co-owner of La Duni, a client of ours who is well known for their upscale bakery items) wants to have a concession stand there. Jeff, our creative director (with no capital letters), quickly and cleverly replied,

"Ahh yes, because skate boarders really love their Tres Leches Flan."

It's true. They certainly do.


Adam said...

That's funny

Monica said...

la duni is my favorite restaurant. i, however, am not a skater.