Friday, December 29, 2006

radiant in new york

For those of you who haven't (or have) heard, Radiant got an AWESOME music opportunity recently. Here's the story from Daniel's own typing hands:

hello everyone,
daniel here with possibly the biggest announcement we've had up til now. radiant will be playing on new year's eve in times square in support of kasabian and my chemical romance. "that girl" will be aired live on jimmy kimmel, so set your tivo's!

about a month ago jesse and levi were watching tv and saw an ad for this contest jimmy kimmel was holding called "a countdown to one." the contest is to find the best unsigned band in america. the guys were bored so they decided to enter online but never said anything to the rest of us because the odds were practically impossible.

last week i received a phone call saying that we were finalists, which totally caught me off guard because i didn't even know we were in the contest. thursday night i received a call saying we won the contest!

they will be flying us up to nyc on dec. 26 for 7 days all expenses paid. it's going to be so much fun!

i hope everyone has a merry christmas, and please set your tivo's on new year's eve!


And here is the article the Observer wrote this week.

AND they were on the CBS morning show at around 8:40 this morning!! I'm so proud of them. Nothing is certain of course, but this could really be the thing that opens the doors for them. Maybe this was the reason they never got they could win this best UNsigned band in America contest. I'm so so so proud of them.

Here are a few pictures of the last few days:

ABC tv crew from the Jimmy Kimmel show at Dragan & Elissa's house to interview the band and to film them in various places around Dallas:

Dragan standing on the stage where Radiant will play on New Year's Eve with My Chemical Romance:

Dragan & Elissa in NYC:

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radiant boys said...

hooray what good pictures...i'm already tired of all mines.

hope you're doing good and things.