Friday, December 15, 2006

shades up

Today is a beautiful day. This morning was actually even better than it is now at 11:25am. It's funny because here at work, whenever it's rainy or muggy or cloudy or foggy like it was this morning, everyone always comes to work in a really chipper mood. The cheerfulness was probably even heightened today because it's dang Friday! Woop woop!

I don't know if it's like this at every job, but we LOVE it! We get to open all our shades because the sun won't slowly begin to burn our retinas on cloudy mornings, and today the trees outside are gorgeous! It actually looks like fall (in mid-December)!!

Here is a photo-diary of work this morning. All candid shots. *nervous*

tractorbeam foyer:

from my desk:

my wbf (work best friend), taylor:

unwilling participant in my "glee capturing" escapade, eric:

tractorbeam peacekeeper, kelly:

a picture of cheer himself, craig:

second in command as cheer-monger in the art department, clint:

art director and resident "good times," jeff:

cute julie:

me, spearheader of the "foggy day fun times at tractorbeam" project (do I look like I'm 3 years old or what?!):

boss man, wearing his self-proclaimed "good for visibility in foggy weather shirt," and trying to escape my picture taking tirade. you see, I'd already taken one picture that he posed for, but the flash was too bright, and he's a one-picture a day kind of guy:

Oh, sweet, sweet good times.*

*It should be noted that just because everyone comes in to work in a good mood because of the weather, that doesn't mean they stay that way. YOINK!


r_is_moody said...

:( I have no windows in my office it is just a dark dungeon. I'm glad at least someone gets to enjoy seeing the world during the day.

Adam said...

They all seemed so happy....