Thursday, December 14, 2006

under my covers with a flashlight...

I love to read. This is no secret. When I was in junior high and high school (mostly junior high, and maybe not even high school at all) I wouldn't get in trouble for sneaking out of the house, which I didn't ever do. Instead of sneaking out of the house, I would stay IN the house and after I was supposed to be in bed, I would get a flashlight or my bedside lamp, and get underneath my comforter and blanket and read my little heart out.

I would sit there with my flashlight button (it was a slider that slid on and off) precariously close to turning off, so that at the slightest sound of my mom or dad opening my door, I could quickly slide it into the off position and pretend to be asleep. The same went for my bedside lamp. It was one that has the "on/off" switch about halfway down the cord and you spin it on or off. It worked a few times, but most of the other times I would get caught and be in trouble for being up past my bed time. It didn't stop me though, but I guess there are worse things I could have been doing, eh?

All of this brings me to the "point" of my blog, if what I'm writing about can actually be classified as a "point." I don't have near as much time to read these days as I used to, but I really enjoy reading blogs. Usually blogs written by people that I know, but there are a few exceptions. This blog is basically a thank you to all those people who update regularly. I enjoy it.

I like reading my friend's blogs because sometimes they might write about something that wouldn't come up in a normal conversation, or maybe sometimes they will, and I can think, "Yeah, we talked about that the other day!" Then there are the other blogs I read about people that I don't know, but I find the commentary interesting or educational, and we all need to keep a'learnin', don't we? Yes, folks, I know what you're thinking and it IS an exciting life I lead.

Here are the blogs that I enjoy reading. These ONLY consist of people who post regularly, so if you're name didn't make the cut, it doesn't mean I don't enjoy your blog WHEN YOU ACTUALLY WRITE SOMETHING. (Qualifying for this list means that you've posted something within the last 2 weeks and that your post before that one was within at least 1.5 weeks. Ahem. Here they are, in no particular order:

the point, kerri, michael, dooce, teri, and jenni.

Man, this list used to be longer (coughKevincoughRiancoughSaracoughJuliecoughSamuelcoughRachel). It appears that August was a popular month to stop blogging. I love trends.


Jenni said...

Clutch! I made the list! Now I have a duty to continue updating :) Thank you, oh loyal reader!

kerri said...

being on this list has made my day! no, week! no, year! no, LIFE!

if i made a list, you'd be on it. and i just might!

Annie said...

Samuel's been busy. Gosh, give him a break. There's so much world out there to gum and not enough time to blog about it.