Tuesday, January 23, 2007

listening is fun!

I just got the Harbor notes from Greg that was the New Year's letter, and I didn't get through the first paragraph before I started thinking about....that's right, myself. ("Ha ha!" is fairly taboo vernacular for a blog, yes?) Anyway, I got to the part about how this year has been so hectic that they (read: Greg) didn't have time to write a family Christmas letter, hence the New Year's version.

Anyway, that hectic part kind of struck a chord in me. My life is most often times hectic. Crowded, way too full, call it what you will. Not only has it started to stress me out as far as scheduling goes, but my body just can't handle it any more. Who'd have thought sleep and even just open-eyed sleep (or as some like to call it, rest...) could be so benefitial?! *baffled*

I feel like most of what I do is beneficial, whether it's youth group or worship team or hanging out with friends and spending quality time together. Where is the line drawn between want and need? I want to hang out with my friends, and I feel like that relationship building and friendship deepening time is very valuable. Sure I don't have to do that, but part of me feels like I do. And not out of obligation, but desire. It makes me happy. On the other hand, getting adequate sleep makes me happy. Having a clean room makes me happy. Neither of those can I get accomplished regularly if I'm constantly doing scheduling things.

And then there's friend time. I have a few friends that I see pretty regularly, but I also have friends that I don't see regularly, and I don't want to be someone who has to plan months in advance to hang out. (No offense to anyone who does!) I just don't want people to feel like they're not important to me. People are important to me. I LOVE people. Relationships are important to me. I like to feel connected.

So where is it? The line? I guess I really already know that I'm not the one who has to make that decision, even though I will be the one to execute it. I just need to let God show me what's important to him. And I need to listen.


mbriscoe said...

That's what happens when you are so lovable!!!
Do you want to hang out on March 30th?

jessa.allen said...

i am a friend who doesn't spend much time with you and i don't like it very much. 'member how we used to just go out to eat by ourselves? love you

Rachel said...

Somewhere I (or we) heard that God gave us (human) relationships in order for us to see (H)im in every person. Also ponies.