Wednesday, February 28, 2007

evan b. harris

A while ago, Kevin and I went to an art show and saw a painter whose work we really liked and if we'd had more money, we'd probably have gotten a couple of his works. I'd kind of forgotten about it until yesterday when I was talking to a high school friend's sister about the gallery because she lives near it.

Then I was like, "Hey! Who the heck was that guy and what was his name?!" (the painter, not Kevin)

So I googled and I googled and then I googled some more and I finally found him. His name is Evan B. Harris, and these are a few of his paintings:

Here are some from a series called "Fowls of a Feather:"

And my favorite:

I wish I could draw.


monica said...

i have a blog now.
well i've had it for a while.
just havent introduced it.
go ahead...judge me.

Jenni said...

i don't even know where my sister lives. haha.