Monday, March 12, 2007

cumulus + nimbus

Today is another GREAT day! And I'm not even kind of being sarcastic, friends. I was crazy tired as a result of DST (Daylight Stealing Time) and it was ridiculously hard to get out of bed this morning. Spunky, who I'm dogsitting, is harboring what I believe to be mild frustration towards me because I have to be at work all day and not at home playing with her. She hides it well, though, as she is always excited to see me when I get home. Or so she would have me believe. She is the best dog I've ever dog-sat without a doubt.

Work today was crazy from the moment I no longer thought that I was going to be the only one here. I walked in at 8:32 and had to disarm the alarm and unlock the doors, which is no big deal, but for some reason today - perhaps it was the heap-rain (or in layman's terms, cumulonimbus) clouds outside, the loss of an hour, the school zones that didn't make me slow to 20 mph today, and the spring breakness all around me, but I really thought that maybe we were off today and I didn't know it. Though the fact that we get to celebrate nearly 3 national holidays per year should have indicated to me that there's no way we'd be off work, since March 12 is only Girl Scouts Day and Plant a Flower Day and not, "Take this Holiday off Because it's Nationally Mandated Day," like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Anyway, work has been going non-stop since then (except for this few minutes in between jobs that I'm taking the time to post - but don't worry, I type really really really fast, so this blog will only take me 45 seconds to complete. I'm at second 27 now).

Nevertheless, it has been a great morning. And I think it's due in large part to those cumulonimbus clouds I mentioned. They're fluffy, yet ominous. Actually, they're not really ominous, but I was kind of excited about talking about something that was fluffy, yet ominous. I've mentioned it before, but we just LOVE it here at work when it's overcast.

Anybuns, this is what cumulonimbus clouds look like:

Fluffy....yet ominous.


r_is_moody said...

Sorry today didn't turn out to be a work holiday. Man how I wish it was. But glad your day is going well. I am in a prison with no windows so I have no idea what kind of clouds are out. :( Lucky, lucky you!!

monica said...

i also enjoy a good overcast day...

bright, yet not...