Friday, March 02, 2007

family exposure

And now for post #2 today.

My uncle sent me these pictures this morning, and I LOVE looking at old family photos and seeing my parents and grandparents when they were younger. It's neat to think about the life they lived before my sister and I were ever in the picture.

Here's my grandpa, Robert R. Love (Grandpa Bob), my mom's dad. I never knew him, so it's cool to see pictures. He's with some of his relatives. I'm not sure, but I think they might be his brothers, John J. Love and Edward Morris Love, III:

Here's the Love family photo. My mom is in the red dress with my grandma. My uncle Matt is one of the small kids on a lap, but I'm not sure which one or which lap:

Here's my Uncle Dan and Uncle Doug, my mom's older brothers:

This is my mom in either the late 60s early 70s:

She's pretty.


Annie Hedgpeth said...

She is pretty. You resemble her, but your sister looks so much like her.

Matthew said...

All both Phares sister are ornery I have known them Since they came into the world. Yes this is their Uncle the one and only!!

monica said...

uncle dan and uncle doug look like two WILD AND CRAZY GUYSSSS!

Matthew said...

I can vouch for them to non wild and crazy guys and How pray tell can I vouch for them? I am their younger brother aka becki's uncle!!