Friday, March 02, 2007


I don't write about Paris Hilton. Not because I intentionally want to leave her out of my blogging as some sort of vindictive way of saying, "Ha! I'll show you Paris! Not one of my 3 readers will ever think about your rich face whilst browsing MY entries!!" but because she never crosses my mind unless she's on a news website where I update my knowledge on the world or if someone else is talking about her. I think that almost everything she's involved in is not in any way newsworthy. Entertainment gossip magazines is one thing. But CNN? MSNBC? Really?

Anyway, on this morning I read this article about how starting on Feb. 19th, the Associated Press was going on a weeklong Paris Hilton ban wherein they would write nothing of her countless escapades. They were talking about anticipating the reaction to such a bold move, which was funny to me, because I'm not sure I would even notice.

This paragraph explains:

And this was the part of that section that made me laugh out loud at my desk:

Oh, how I love hilarious people.

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Michael Hedgpeth said...

Judging from the comments on this post, you have only one That's a little uncomfortable...Becki....Howard?