Wednesday, May 23, 2007

visual stimuli

I haven't really written much of substance lately, and I know my posts have been more intermittent than usual, so I apologize. However, I have no intentions of breaking the pattern just least in the area of substance. By the by, when I say substance, I mean "word count," and I don't mean to imply that what I'm about to post is not "substantial."

As my day of betrothing dost approach, and invitations are soon to be designed by one Jeffrey Barfoot the creative director at my place of employment, I thought I would post some design "likes" I've found. Some of these I actually gave to Jeff for inspiration, others of these I just like. A lot. I hope you, too, will find these as pleasing to the eye as .....eye did. *runs away*

I found all of these designs at either Orange Beautiful (thanks to Miss Candie) or FunCupcake. Click on them and peruse.

Can anyone guess my favorite colors?


kerri said...

*eye* like the bird ones, but i think it would be so cute to do a 'lovebird' theme and have the birds be more similar in size.

cute cute.

monica said...

i like them all.
except for the argyle one and the one immediately below.

all contain a BEAUTIFUL color combination.

sarah said...

hi becki-
thanks for featuring some of my work! glad you like it and best of luck with your wedding invite. can't wait to see it!

designcandie said...

Wow- these are all so great. How will you ever choose? I'm glad you found some stuff on orangebeautiful. I LOVE the first one and the fourth one.

happy invitation hunting.