Wednesday, May 30, 2007

cats & dogs

It was a calm and peaceful morning this... morning, not sunny, but not raining for the first time in I can't remember how long as I was driving to work and even up until around 10:00am.

Then it began.

The rain. And the darkness.

Today was one of those "almost brought my camera to work" days, but didn't. Good thing I have this glorious new phone that can capture life in still frames! Though not the 7.3 megapixels I'm used to on my little Sony Cybershot™, nevertheless... pictures it does take.

Here are a few:

this picture does nothing to illustrate the manical way in which the wind was slapping the rain in crazy splashes against the.......windooooooooooow to the waaaaalllll:

car to show more of the rain:

please note the water on the floor and remnants of our attempt to "broom out" the water in the corner:

the post-storm calm:

It's been an exciting morning fo sho. During this torrential downpour, our paper rep came in bearing breakfast tacos for the art department peeps and myself. Assessment? I'm full, it's humid and I love an overcast day. Happy Wednesday.

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