Friday, June 01, 2007

dear rury,

Ever since I got my "good violin," (as I like to call it) the summer before my senior year of high school, I've gone to Rury's Violin Shop in Oakcliff for any and all repairs I've needed. That's actually the shop where my vioin teacher at the time found my violin. I guess she knew Jay Rury through all her violining excursions, so it's been nice to be able to go through the original seller for any repairs.

Anybuns, the violin shop was in Oak Cliff, and those of you not familiar with Dallas should know that there are parts of Oak Cliff that you don't want to go alone or at night or without having taken self defense classes. Anyway, the shop was this really awesome, old hole in the wall shop and you walk in and it smells like wood and varnish and there are instruments and instrument parts everywhere. I loved it.

When I was in the Sweeney Todd orchestra at the Meyerson last year (read a review here) I happened to get to a rehearsal early and be looking around backstage near all the Dallas Symphony lockers and happened upon a flyer stating that Rury's shop had moved to Richardson.


Not nearly as cool. Even though I'm sure that the craftsmanship is still just as above par as always, the feeling is just totally different. So what if you've relocated to an area where the chance of your shop filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of instruments and equipment getting robbed have decreased by 75%! It doesn't LOOK as cool.

Here are some pictures of the old shop. I'm not going to put pictures of the new shop up because I don't find it as pleasing to behold.

*le sigh*

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Jenni said...

OMG! I got my violin worked on there back in the day. In fact, that's where my dad found out I had a viola and not a violin.

They could have at least told me to my face instead of listening to my dad! Haha.