Thursday, October 11, 2007

doctors without borders

My dear friend Julie lives in New York and works for Doctors Without Borders doing web design. They are coming to Dallas this week and they're going to turn Flagpole Hill (at White Rock Lake Park) into a refugee camp where they'll give guided tours. If I'm remembering correctly, each tour is about 40-60 min. long and I highly recommend it for anyone who can make time to go over there. It runs October 11-14, 2007, 9am–5:30pm.

The Dallas Observer wrote an article about it on their website that you can read here. It's a great cause and a great idea! If you're interested or want more info just holla at me and I can get you whate'er your heart desires.


P.S. And Julie thought it might sound more attractive to know that the event is FREE and you will not be asked for donations. :)


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