Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mawwiage! (sic)

I. Am. Married. And it's glorious. I hope to write a more in depth blog about the wedding, the Barthelona, and the return, but for now I just want to share some pictures from the "photo booth" section of our wedding. Genius, by the by.

Can I just say that Carter Rose and Ryan Thompson are dang amazing?! All of the photos below are courtesy of Dallas In Focus. I feel no shame in saying that we had the best photographers ever for our wedding. And we got them before their business was booming and we couldn't afford them anymore. *WINK*

Anyhoot, here are some of my favorites.

Love 'em. Stay tuned for more blogs with words.


Sara Eleta said...

That's so amazing. I'm so happy for you. The pictures are wonderful.

shayo said...

awwww these are great! jeff, calder and i had such a wonderful time at your wedding. can't wait to see the barcelona pics. cheers!