Wednesday, October 03, 2007

money, so they say..... the root of all evil, tooo-oo-ooday.

Thank you first to Pink Floyd for giving me the lyrics for today's intro.

I was at the apartment yesterday at lunch dropping off a few more things (automans, pictures, et al) and I happened to experience the first sign of the realization that we're going to be making some financial adjustments being married what with our new bills and responsibilities.

On my way back to work from lunch, I decided to stop by our mailbox to see if we'd happened to get any mail, even though the likelihood is slim, given that we haven't sent any change of address forms to the post office and various other institutions we'll have to do that with soon enough. But still, I really just wanted to use my cute little mail box key.....again. I checked and I actually did have 1 piece of mail (along with the left over mail from the previous tenants) from my car insurance company since they're also covering our renter's insurance. Woohoo! My first bill!

I was taking out all the junk mail and I threw it away and was starting to leave the little mail station when I realized.....wait a second......I think there were coupons in that "junk" mail I threw away. So naturally, I went back to the trash can, picked them back up out of said can, and took them to my car. It was an interesting feeling, as I've never really been interested in clipping a coupon before in my life, minus helping my mom when I was little, but I also felt a little excited. Like, "Here we go. New chapter in our lives where we can't buy ourselves shoes or ridiculously cute handbags from etsy whenever we want anymore."


p.s. I was hoping to find a coupon for $1000 off your wedding, but I'll settle for $0.25 off spaghetti sauce instead.


Michael Hedgpeth said...

I know this sounds cliche but wait until you have kids...Frugality Rocks!

Natalie said...

You can even go to some stores that have 2x or 3x coupon days thoes are the best. It will turn your .25 to .50 or .75 just like that.