Monday, October 01, 2007

our little works (in) progress administration

Kevin and I got our cute apartment keys last Wednesday and we've been trying to slowly but surely move things over so that when wedding time comes......BAM! Our new home will be ready!

Here's our most furnished room as yet:

Kevin spent the night there the other night when the cream couch was the only piece of furniture. He thought that we'd equipped the place enough to be livable, and he even managed to shower without a shower curtain and thought he was in the clear. That is.....until the realization hit him like a ton of non-absorbent bricks. There was no towel in sight.

He used 3 subpar "towels" (read: t-shirts) he happened to have packed because let's face it.....the man likes his fashion options. I went to Target last night and got him a shower curtain liner and a towel so he should be good to go. Plus he's got TWO couches (options abound!) and a record player, so he should be living the high life for the next few weeks.

I get to live there in t-minus 33 days. GAH!

Let the countdown begin......


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Anonymous said...

Looking coolio
Pretty awesome story about the shower

shayo said...

can't wait to come over and see your place! looks so cute. game night at becki's!!!