Tuesday, November 27, 2007


When I was walking back from lunch with two work-mates Jeff & Clint, we started talking about times in our lives when we've thrown some funny out into the world and sometimes it gets cast on comedically challenged persons and/or thrown right back in our faces. Because come on.....we're pretty funny, and some people just don't get it.

I shared a CLASSIC example that happened quite recently about a week at a friend's wedding. It was reception time and the bunch was getting lively. Boxed wine and good food lead to rhythmic footsteps on parquet flooring! Kevin and I and some friends were "bringing attractive back" on the dance floor when the song suddenly segued into a much less cool song and I decided to make a quick exit off the dance floor. I kind of bumped into this girl who was twirling away from her dance partner. It kind of twirled us around each other and I had to make a quick decision. "Okay," I thought to myself. "This girl seems fun-loving. She's spinning around on the floor with her friend, laughing and smiling and seeming generally pretty cool and most DEFINITELY up for a little fun with a stranger!" So I did it. Amid our twirl I kind of grabbed her arms and spun her around a couple more times thinking, ha ha ha! Way to make an awkward stumble into 3 seconds of hilarity!! SUCCESS! Or so I thought. Upon my release she just kind of looked at me with a face that said only, "Huh?" and went back to her partner. It was clear from her expression that her defense could only be to pretend that what had just happened had not, in fact, happened at all.

I AM AN IDIOT!!! Looking back, I can see how that could MAYBE seem mildly creepy, but come on! It didn't have to! I think I would have thought something like that was hilarious!! Right? RIGHT? Well anyway, I managed to brush my shame under the rug I was cutting and still have a good time, although I did take pains to avoid eye contact with "her" and to stay as close to Kevin as I could when she was in sight lest she think I was trying to do some strange courting dance to win her affections and take her away from her dancing man.

Dang. If anyone ever does that to me, I promise I'll laugh.


Sara Eleta said...

I just visualized the whole thing. I saw you do it. I saw her reaction. And OOOOhh girl! Was she wrong. You're pretty much required to be "fun-loving" and up for anything if you put yourself out on any public dancefloor... Shame on her. She probably regretted not submitting kindly to those free spins all night. Nobody noticed her "bringing stick in the mud back". That's for sure. You're way to awesome for those foos. Nice story yo.

Sara Eleta said...

funny... appreciated.

oh and by "to awesome" I really meant TOO awesome...

(nerd, right here)

monica said...

you KNOW i would have been on the floor laughing

kerri said...

i read this yesterday and laughed my ass off!

i read this today and am still laughing my ass off!

i see it so clearly! why can't these moments in our lives be video taped? we clearly need to budget for a personal video man (preferably a midget-man) to follow us around and document our amazingly awkward lives.