Tuesday, December 04, 2007

chrithmas time!

I feel like with all this wedding stuff happening, I have almost totally forgotten that Christmas is about 3 weeks away. CRAZY. I have done virtually NO shopping. It's funny because last year I was so proud of myself for beginning the present buying process BEFORE the month of December and this year my record's been shot to heck! HECK!

As a side note, I just realized on Sunday that the leaves are changing colors!! I think that I've gotten so into the mindset that Texas doesn't have an "autumn" of which to speak that I forget to even look for it. BUT IT'S HERE! Periodically I've enjoyed taking pictures during different seasons here at my office because you can see these really cool trees right out in front. Then I post them on this here blog! *as she spits the remnants of her chaw into the trashcan by her desk*

Here are a few this season (I've never afore seen this tree with RED leaves!):

And now this is me standing in front of the tree. Very insightful, I'm sure you'll agree.

See? I'm even wearing my "fall" sweater that I love so much. It really MUST be fall!

I also just noticed that there have been some updates to my blogspot in Mozilla. For example, now I can do this and this and all sorts of stuff! I can add a video if I had one to add.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts about leaves!


Michael Hedgpeth said...

Is the old Becki back? Posting and everything?

r_is_moody said...

I was unaware that you had a lisssppp!!!

Pretty tree!!

Josh said...

Those would appear to be the dreaded Bradford Pear trees that you have there. I do like the occasional fall that we have around here. Last year was particularly colorful! Welcome back to the blogosphere, Mrs. Howard.