Wednesday, January 16, 2008

grapes of financial wrath.

(blog title courtesy of one Kevin Howard)

The other night, I was really craving grapes hardcore! I don't usually crave things so much, but this time, grapes I was a'cravin! So Kevin's at the super Target near our place and he's telling me that there are no grapes. Now, initially I was skeptical, but Kevin's a pretty bright guy, and I'm pretty sure he knows what grapes look like, so we decide that they must be out of season so I figure I'll just put off my grape needs for another day.

Last night, Kevin and I are driving home and suddenly I'm reminded of my desire for grapes. Green, seedless grapes. I also remember that Tom Thumb (though I don't usually shop there due to their price gouging) has THE BEST grapes in all the land. So I ask Kevin if we can stop by before we get home.

SIDE BAR: Upon talking to a friend about this, it was suggested that perhaps the absence of grapes is due to the fires and/or floods in California of late, which is excellent thinking.

I'm telling this little juicy tidbit to Kevin and he jokes that we'll find the grapes and they'll be like $6/pound. We laugh, because, come on, that's hilarious!

We go into the Tom Thumb, look hurriedly around the produce section worried that our worst nightmare had come to be - that there would be NO GRAPES!

Finally, Kevin spots them. Green, plump, perfect for soothing your grapeless ails! Then we see it. The price tag. $5.59 A POUND!!!!!!

Don't worry, I still bought them. All 2 pounds of them. I don't plan on making a habit of it, but come on. I'm young! Now is the time to be sowing my wild, frivolous grape buying and eating oats!


Michael Hedgpeth said...

I don't mean to "out grape" you, but one time we bought grapes at whole foods and didn't pay attention to the price. It was about this time of year apparently, and they were $16 a point. Are there caviar in those grapes?

Michael Hedgpeth said...

$16/lb rather

victory said...

That's funny. :) Champagne grapes are the best. They're expensive though.

fragilemom said...

I don't mean to 'out fruit you' but when our children (Avery in particular) want fruit and we're out, they tell us to go buy it! Their absolute favs....strawberries and grapes (any color). Have you priced strawberries lately too? Argh! No joke, we spend approx. $25 per week just in fruit! But, hey, they eat fruit!