Friday, February 01, 2008

asthmatically february!

That's right folks, it's February! Happy birthday to all those that I know have birthdays in this glorious second month of the year! Including my fanciful husbo! And all God's people said, "NEXT!!"

So anyhoot, I started getting sick on Monday of this week, but I totally thought it was going to be an annoying cold, and since I just got over a bad one in which a cold virus settled into my throat, I was not looking forward to this one. Doesn't that sound so deceivingly cute? Like a little cold virus is cuddling up with his favorite blanket, cup of tea and a NY Times Crossword puzzle? Well it didn't feel so cute inside my distressed cold virus infested throat. (who wants a kiss?) In any case, I was better.

Until Monday. Then on Tuesday it was much worse. I tried to go to work but ended up leaving after lunch. Coughing, chills, hot, cold, can't breathe, the uszhe. Then I took Wednesday off, too, because I was not getting any better. Gave me a chance to catch up on Project Runway, what what!! My vote is with Christian! But again, I digress. So after a night of waking up every hour almost on the hour in a fit of coughing, I finally wake up for the final time to find that I'm coughing up a little bit of red. Er....umm.......Maybe it's time to see a doctor, methinks!

So I go to the doctor to find out that I don't have pneumonia (which she feared), but instead I have a case of bronchitis and asthma. What?! I've never had asthma! Crazy! It's not a permanent case, but more like bronchitis induced, I guess. In any case, she gave me a prescription for antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler! How cute is that! I'll show you how cute it is:

I think I'll name her Clara.


victory said...

You make horrible experiences sound funny. :) Funny thing is, I've been sick too... and my sister's b-day is Monday. Hope you feel better... *shakes head* you're one of the two people I know who would actually NAME their inhaler. You. Are. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

My Clara is Fred and we are buddies

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what my inhaler looks like. I named him Thy Giver of Breath.

Inhalers are cool now. Like being a nerd is cool and wearing big thick frames.

This is Marti